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Nyny Ryke is not only a fashion brand, it's also a  combination of words which means " Only sweetness ", " Cuteness"  or " So good" in Togolese dialect "Kabyé"   (West Africa).

Nyny Ryke is an Ethical Fashion brand officially founded in 2014 initially as a “niche brand” and “made-to-measure” 


Between 2020 and 2021, her passion become officially a Business, building around the brand an amazing team of workers and artisans.


Fallylah N R Goungou

Founder & Creative Director of the brand "Nyny Ryke"


We create garments and accessories by fusing the typical fabrics, warm colours of our homeland and patented textiles, with Italian sensibility and classicism, creating a perfect link between tradition and modernity, craftsmanship, local mastery that perfectly encapsulates Italian elegance and cheerfulness.

Every time you shop with us, you're not only supporting a small business but you're also  supporting all our artisans  and young women & men  

to have a better future.  

Ethical fashion for Nyny Ryke means being able to work on what she is passionate about valuing interpersonal relationships, valuing craftsmanship and in somehow our roots, because these are the factors that make our ideas, fabrics and garments original and unique.


What role does the brand play in sustainability?


At least 80%  the materials and fabrics we use to produce and ship come from companies that have sustainability as approach, which are certified organic, eco-friendly, recycle and upcycled as much as possible.

Furthermore, we also  give some direct contribution through:

-Quick pattern-making and sewing courses provided to local tailors in Togo

-Active on improving the working and living conditions of young women and men, implementing their knowledge in fashion and textiles as well as fair and equitable pay for every one. 

IMG_0866 2_edited.jpg

The curiosity and passion of our Creative Director  for research has allowed her to patent her own invention, coming from her personal interpretation of the traditional Yoruba fabric (Nigeria ), to obtain ‘Kentelig’ which is kente linen and ‘Elasken’ stretch kente, obtained by adding elastic threads.

Our aim is to promote ‘quality’, ‘timeless’ and ‘seasonless’ handmade fabrics and garments with ethic, creativity and sustainability all

over the world.

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